Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library

A Sustainable, OAI-Based Implementation of NCSTRL

Edward Fox, Jim French, Paul Jones, Kurt Maly, Michael Nelson, andMohammadZubair are leading an effort to work toward moving the Networked ComputerScience Technical Reference Library (NCSTRL) into a sustainable, Open ArchivesInitiative ( framework.

Virginia's Internet Technology Innovation Center ( hasprovided $30K of support that will go largely to shifting NCSTRL into theOAI sphere, through efforts at Old Dominion University, University ofVirginia, and Virginia Tech. Paul Jones and the team of (see at the Universityof North Carolina, Chapel Hill, will run the EPrints software (see to help in thisprocess. At Old Dominion University, the ARC (see and Kepler software (see html) will be used.

The initial work in this process should lead to an OAI-based operation ofNCSTRL by October 2001, with four NCSTRL collections in Virginiademonstrating the feasibility of both saving the historical NCSTRLcollection and pointing the way for a new paradigm of disseminating ComputerScience technical reports. Our aim is to demonstrate that our approach canbe linked with related projects -- e.g., the National Science Foundation'sNational Science Digital Library (see and theNetworked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (see other articlesin this issue of D-Lib Magazine) -- and can be expanded to otherdisciplines as well. For the purpose of fully moving NCSTRL into the OAIworld, we will seek further funding.

There should be little impact initially on the operations at most NCSTRLsites, and the service at the NCSTRL web site should provide similarcapabilities to what resulted from previous NCSTRL support. Quelle dose est bon pour pour chaque jour? Those involvedin NCSTRL or otherwise interested in this effort are encouraged to read the proposal about the OAI based Technical Reference library.